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One-On-One Top Make-Up Training
00000 with Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist Sandra Dunphy-Marshall

"I was a professional photography /film/ TV make up student of Sandra Marshall. With her training I gained the confidence to go to any job with confidence and ease. Her teaching is complete and practical, precise and easy to understand. With Sandra as my instructor I learned exactly what I needed to know to be a total professional in the industry. As a result I have had a wonderful career working on such shows as 'The Academy Awards,' 'Good Morning America,' 'ABC News,' and a wide variety of commercials, info commercials, TV shows, and advertising print ads. I have worked with film and TV stars, models, photographers, and executives from large corporations on their various projects with absolute confidence due to the training and guidance I received at the beginning of my career with Sandra Marshall. Suzanne Copeland, Professional Make-Up Artist


Sandra has mastered the art of beauty and straight make-up, special effects, prosthetic make-up including science Marilyn Monroe look-alikefiction, monsters, bald caps, bruises, aging, rejuvenation, cuts, burns, wounds and hair work. Sandra is also sought after in the area of celebrity look-alike make-up such as Marilyn Monroe, Ghandi, Mike Myers, and many others. She has also been called upon to do the make-up for Hollywood’s most famous brides and their celebrity guests. As a top make-up instructor, Sandra’s expertise is world-renowned. She has trained hundreds of make-up artists world-wide, and has consulted for several large cosmetic companies.Sandra is dedicated to excellent hands-on training for entry level and advanced courses in the artistry of makeup. She covers all phases of the art of makeup, application, products, tools and techniques. She will fully prepare you for your new career as a professional make-up artist. Upon completion, you will be able to enter the exciting make-up industry with the creative skills, supplies, knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed!

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Sandra offers a variety of make-up programs including: beauty and straight makeup artistry from natural and glamour, to ethnic skin tones, mature beauty, bridal, business and career, television, advertising, commercials, movies and special effects/prosthetic make-up.

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What Makes Sandra’s Training Exclusive? Sandra offers an exclusive training program, not available in any make-up school. Her program is intense, one-on-one, hands-on training. Most make-up schools cannot offer this luxury because there are too many students and, in most cases, the budget only allows for one instructor teaching many students at one time. Many schools use videos for training and students work on each other. This causes frustration, anxiety and a lack of attention to detail.

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For this reason Sandra has trained make-up artists worldwide with her exclusive one-on-one program – a no-nonsense, practical way to learn and finesse the skill and craft of make-up application. She mentors each individual and provides her expertise as a make-up artist in many areas of this exciting career including, three types of make-up application as well as tips and information on how to contact unions and studios for work. She will help you to build a resume and get you on the proper path to build your career.

Sandra will consult you on make-up supply purchases and help you select the proper make-upcase to fit your needs. Because of her connections in the business, she can arrange a special discount for many Rejuvenation Guru Louisa Maccan-Gravesof the make-up supplies you will need for your make-up kit. When you finish your practical make-up training with Sandra, you will have your make-up case complete with supplies in hand and be ready to start your exciting career.

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Course Objective: Sandra offers three categories of one-on-one, hands-on make-up training. These professional courses are designed for those who wish to acquire the knowledge and training to work as a freelance or union make-up artist.

Each course will be a total of 5 days (6 hours each day) equaling 30 hours in length. Choose from: Basic Beauty and Straight Make-up Artistry, Media Make-up Artistry or Advanced Special Effects & Prosthetic Make-up application.

Advanced courses are available upon request, such as: airbrushing, character, monster, special effects & prosthetics. Course Prices will be quoted accordingly.

The Basic Beauty & Straight Make-up Artistry Program is designed for individuals who wish to enter the field of makeup, with the skills and knowledge needed for basic, career, beauty, modeling and glamour make-up.

The Media Make-up Artistry Program
is designed for individuals who wish to pursue the area of John Cusackmake-up application for television, movies, commercials and infomercials.

The Advanced Special Effects & Prosthetic Make-Up Program
is designed for individuals who wish to pursue the area of special effects including science fiction, celebrity look-alikes, monsters, aliens, bald caps, bruises, aging, rejuvenation, cuts, burns, wounds and hair work.

What You Can Do with Your Training:

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Whichever program you choose, your make-up application training may be used for: Fashion Shows, Photography, Print and Commercials, Infomercials, Magazines, Advertising, Music Videos, Television, Movies, Political Figures, Rock Stars, Make-up for Teens, Mothers and Careers, Brides and Bridal Parties, Beauty Pageants and Special Party Events. You can use your expertise in the area of Makeup Sales, Makeup Demonstrator, Cruise Lines, Salons, Training Models, Public Speakers, Dancers and Schools, and Women's Groups. Tom Hanks

Course Costs: Contact Sandra Dunphy-Marshall at 818-448-5144 to discuss your program preference and fee schedules. All fees must be paid three weeks in advance by credit card, money order or certified check. Upon completion of your 5-day course, you will receive a certificate from Sandra Dunphy-Marshall.

NOTE: Travel, lodging & make-up supplies are not included in the training fee. For those from out of town, a list of local hotels will be provided.

Contact Sandra Dunphy-Marshall at 818.448.5144
-For professional make-up application for movies, television, print, or special occasions
-For questions regarding courses, scheduling, and fees
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